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Soft Photonics


Soft Photonic Crystal

  • Bragg Reflection

  • 3D Photonic Effect

  • Narrow Bandwidth

  • Tunable Band Gap

  • Soft Cubic Lattice

  • Optically Isotropic

  • Polarization Select

  • Color Sequential 3D Display

  • High Resolution 

Bragg ref.png

Research At Glance:

/ Photonic Devices

/ Fourier Optical Elements
/ Holography, DOE & HOE
/ 3D Display
/ Polarization Gratings
/ Tunable Gratings
/ Liquid Crystal
/ Soft Matter Physics
/ Nanoparticles

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Group News:

Submitted a paper to "Laser & Photonics Reviews" (July 2024)

Submitted a paper to "Journal of Molecular Liquids" (July 2024)

Accepted a paper in "Journal of Molecular Liquids" (Feb 2024)

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